This is an excellent example of what happens to any White European created nation, created and founded by White Europeans after Black Communists and Communist Jews take control of it.  You will see that is where the United States is heading now with Marxist Communist president Obama in the White House, aided by a large amount of Communist Jew "progressives" in the U.S. Senate and Congress destroying our once great Christian Republic from within.  Read the information nice and slow to grasp what I am trying to get across to you.  No wonder Marxist Communist Obama said that Nelson Mandela was his HERO!!  It is one of the only times Obama has told the truth!!
Dr. James P. Wickstrom

South Africa, Once The Pearl of Africa!

This in from South Africa giving details of all that has been achieved in what was once a wonderful and rich country. Since being granted independence, SA has degenerated from a civilised self sufficient country to a Third World aid dependent corrupted slum in 19 years, and all that was required to achieve this, was to hand it over to Black rule

UK now has the dubious distinction of having the highest birth rate in Europe, and thanks to our successive governments open door policy on immigration, the vast majority of these newly hatched Brits (sic) are of the darker pigmented variety.

One does not need to allow ones imagination to run riot, to see what is in store for our once green and pleasant land and our unfortunate offspring, should we allow the present trend to continue and, this does not take into account the varying hues and colours of the hatchling's, all of whom will have their own prejudices, tribal loyalties plus a multitude of sects and religions, over which to fight and release the primal urge of the savage to create havoc and destruction on civilised society.

By all means show your belated sympathy for the Whites of SA, but as with those of the former Rhodesia, this should have been shown during their initial fight for racial survival. Rather however, save your sympathy for those unfortunate indigenous types who will still be here when we have departed, for South Africa today will be seen as a Paradise compared with what our future indigenous generations will have to face.

19 years of Black Communist ANC rule, unemployment in South Africa has gone up by 60% !!

South Africa is now the rape capital of the world 

After 19 years of Black Communist ANC rule South Africa has achieved the dubious distinction of being 140th on a world list of 144 countries  for our education department.

 South Africa is officially the country where the most car hijacks take place. 

South Africa is also on the top ten list for the most murders.
In 19 years the rand/dollar has (devalued) gone from R3.41 to R10.00

During ANC rule the petrol price has gone from R1.73 to R12.83 per litre

In 19 years the South African defense force has gone from being  the iron fist of Africa to a laughing stock that can't defend  Disneyland from an invasion of fluffy toys.

On the list of most corrupt governments, they have given us a special place right at the top, right alongside the United States.

In 19 years South Africa has ten times more people in squatter camps and 1,000% more illegal immigrants.  Seems like the United States is following South Africa's lead in all departments.

In 19 years South Africa's roads, railways, military, police,  municipal services, old age homes, hospitals, orphanages have  literally fallen apart and are worth nothing anymore.

 No other country on the planet has more convicted criminals in their parliament than us!!

25% of all South African school girls have HIV+.  South African school girls had 100,000 abortions last year.

South Africa has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world.

As Marxist Obama would say; "Viva ... Black Communist ANC"!!!