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14 April 2003

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Vast Majority Of The Jewish National Controlled Media Silent On Dallas Cop Killer's Weapon

Once again Marxist Communist Comrade Obama opened his mouth and inserted both feet relating to the weapon used in murdering and wounding Dallas police officers a few days ago, by a black HATER of White people and White police officers.  Below is a picture that the Jew controlled national news outlets seem NOT wanting to show the masses in America as it will again prove how STUPID & IGNORANT Marxist Obama really is speaking without his teleprompters.  Perhaps Obama would also like the murdering black to again be like his own son.  Watching Obama speak the same day just prior to the Dallas police killings and then after the shooting was like listening to The Village Idiot.  I am greatly led to believe that the 'Black Lives Matter Movement' should be listed in the United States as a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, just like the ISIL.  Contact every Congressman and Senator you know and demand such to happen, including your state Governors and legislators and county Sheriff's.  Get this up on Facebook and Twitter as well as send it out to your entire email list.  Thank you!
Dr. James P. Wickstrom 

Media Silent On Dallas Cop Killer’s Weapon

Andrew West
Saturday, July 9, 2016

dallasThe shooter in the Dallas ambush used a rifle first designed in WWII, and not
“scary” enough for Obama to mention it by name in his response to the event.

While President Obama has used the Dallas ambush to vilify guns once again, the liberal “assault weapon” nonsense has been largely absent from the discussion.

And for good reason.  Micah Johnson, the man responsible for the attack in Dallas, Texas that ended with 5 slain police officers did not use an “assault” rifle.  Johnson instead opted to spread his violent hate with a firearm that was 70 years old.
“In the wake of the senseless killing Thursday of five police officers in Dallas, Texas, President Barack Obama decided to blame the murders on ‘powerful weapons’ and use the tragedy to push forward his anti-Second Amendment agenda.
The problem is that Obama’s jumped the gun — if you’ll pardon the expression — once again and spouted off before all the facts were in. The murderer used a a semi-automatic SKS rifle — a weapon that is more than 70 years old — as well as a handgun, according to CBS News.
“Hardly the ‘powerful weapons’ Obama wants to pry from the hands of law abiding citizens.
“The SKS does not meet the criteria adopted by some states to classify a weapon as an assault rifle.  Modernizing the weapon would have actually reduced its reliability.”
The liberal media must be so disappointed that they can’t exploit the death of these heroic police officers as a way to promote an assault weapons ban or a downgrading of the 2nd Amendment.
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The Jew and Black Communist Movement in the U.S.

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