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14 April 2003

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Fighter Planes The Obama Administration Is Deploying To Turkey, Are They Meant For Dogfights With The Russians?

Jew Marxist Communist Comrade Muslim Obama may be biting a lot more off than he can chew with trying to poke the Russian bear with a few sticks (F-15C).   The Jew war mongering neocons and lunatics in Congress and other appointed positions in Washington. D.C. along with psychopaths such as Sen. John McCain and his "same thought of mind buddies" are those who put the 'Greater Israel' plan of Jew occupation expansion first in the Mideast, and who continue to put our military forces in harms way for the Jew bankers and military production complex that runs the United States.  Why is it that no major news outlet in the U.S. or anywhere else is talking about one of the biggest oil and gas fields that has ever been discovered, and located in the Golan Heights of Syria, of which the Jews of Israeli are illegally occupying?  This is what it is all about now, not just to run a gas line from Qatar through Syria into Turkey, then into Western Europe to cut off Russian Federation gas into Europe as earlier planned.  The recently discovered massive gas and oil field in Syria (lawfully) is what the 'boots on the ground' decision by Obama and his loony cabinet was all about.  So is deploying a dozen American F-15C fighter jets to Turkey.  Obama and his Marxist looney "buddies" have over-exposed their hand, and it is going to get slapped very hard.
Dr. James P. Wickstrom

Fighter planes the Obama administration is deploying to Turkey can't drop bombs – so are they meant for dogfights with the Russians?

  • Pentagon shipping up to a dozen F-15C jets that can only fire air-to-air missiles
  • ISIS has no fighter planes, meaning the planes' real target may be Russian jets that are operating over Turkey and Syria
  • Defense Department: US 'thickening' its presence in the skies over the Turkey-Syria border
By J. Taylor Rushing, U.s. Political Reporter, For Dailymail.com
3 November 2015
The Obama administration is sending a group of fighter planes to Turkey equipped with air-to-air missiles, raising concerns that the jets are really intended to battle Russian planes.
The Pentagon plans to ship up to a dozen Boeing F-15C Eagle twin-engine planes to a base in Incirlik which the Turkish government has allowed the U.S. to use in its effort against the Islamic State.
The base is near the country's border with Syria.
But since the F-15C has no air-to-ground capability, their real mission may be to protect other U.S. warplanes from those of Russia or Syria, according to The Daily Beast.
The Defense Department is shipping up to a dozen of these Boeing F-15C fighter jets to Turkey to protect US warplanes operating over neighboring Syria.
The twin-engine F-15Cs have air-to-air missile capability only

The twin-engine F-15Cs have air-to-air missile capability only.
The Pentagon announced the shipment late last week, and a Defense Department spokeswoman told The Daily Beast the planes are intended to 'ensure the safety' of America's NATO allies.
The spokeswoman, Laura Seal, added, 'I didn't say it wasn't about Russia.'
Other possible tasks for the warplanes could be patrolling the Turkish border with Syria, as Syrian planes sometimes cross into Turkey. Or they could be used to protect U.S. planes with air-to-ground missiles that are striking ISIS targets.
Russia has been operating fighter patrols in Syria for about a month, but Defense officials believe they are intended to battle the anti-Syrian rebels which the U.S. is supporting.
Russian President Vladimir Putin told President Obama in late September at the United Nations in New York that he doesn't distinguish between ISIS forces and the rebels seeking to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

F-15C fighter jets are exclusively used for air-to-air combat needs, and carry a variety of cannons and missiles
A Defense Department official said the U.S. is 'thickening' its presence in the skies over the Turkey-Syria border, where there is already a variety of U.S. fighters, attack planes and bombers operating.
That includes jets such as the F-16 and bombers like the A-10 and B-1s.
The Defense official cautioned, however, that there are still no definite plans to establish a 'no-fly zone over Syria, which would be complicated now anyway with Russia's presence.
Aerial-only fighter planes haven't been used in the most recent U.S. military operations in Iraq or Afghanistan, as there were no no-fly zones or air-to-air needs in those countries. Rather, the U.S. air forces were focused on bombing and striking militants on the ground.. 

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