My lecture that you will hear below exposes the Jew Communist Sovietizing of the United States. Allow yourself to get out of the present Communist Political, and religious box and listen to the truth for once. I'm sure you'll be able to put the pieces together. Please advise others to come and listen to this extremely important information concerning the destruction of our country from within.

Dr. James P. Wickstrom

"The Sovietizing of America"

14 April 2003

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Vote 'NO' On The Motion To Proceed To TPA, H.R.2146!

Urgent Action 
Chris Chmielenski

Senate to vote on House-passed TPA bill -- Call you Senators and urge them to oppose!

Pres. Obama and GOP Leaders are desperate to pass TPA, the fast track trade bill that gives the president full negotiating authority over a number of free trade agreements, before the American people learn what's in them, but your urgent phone calls can stop them!
Last week, the House narrowly passed (for the second time) TPA, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has already scheduled a procedural vote on the legislation for Tuesday morning. He'll need 60 votes to proceed to final passage of the bill.
The current version of TPA, H.R.2146, would allow Pres. Obama to negotiate immigration increases into free trade agreements that would only be subject to a simple up-or-down vote from Congress. TPA would not only cover the massive Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) between the United States and 12 other Pacific Rim nations, but also cover the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) between the U.S., European Union, and other nations. TiSA includes labor mobility for more than 50 nations and could increase the number of foreign workers allowed to work in the U.S. and extend the length of their work visas.
Call your Senators Today!
Capitol Switchboard -- (888) 995-2086
Please dial the toll-free number above that will connect you to the Capitol Switchboard. When the operator answers, ask to be connected to your U.S. Senators' offices. You can use the following talking points when talking to the staffer.
I strongly urge the Senator to vote NO on the motion to proceed to TPA, H.R.2146, on Tuesday!

Should the Senate pass this bill, it would forfeit its Constitutional authority that requires a 2/3rds vote to approve treaties with foreign countries and only require a simple up-or-down vote to approve a number of free trade agreements, including the Trans Pacific Partnership and Trade in Services Agreement.

This bill would vastly expand Pres. Obama's authority over immigration, and supporters of this bill have refused to include unequivocal language that would actually prohibit trade agreements from allowing new foreign workers to take U.S. jobs.

Please vote NO on the motion to proceed to TPA, H.R.2146!
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The Jew and Black Communist Movement in the U.S.

The DVD has been divided into 6 parts of approximately 16 minutes each. These are .mp4's and are full quality videos that are suitable for building new DVD's.

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The Black and Jew Communist Movement in the U.S.