My lecture that you will hear below exposes the Jew Communist Sovietizing of the United States. Allow yourself to get out of the present Communist Political, and religious box and listen to the truth for once. I'm sure you'll be able to put the pieces together. Please advise others to come and listen to this extremely important information concerning the destruction of our country from within.

Dr. James P. Wickstrom

"The Sovietizing of America"

14 April 2003

Part One

Part Two


If you Cannot Understand The Information Below, Then It's YOU Who Has The Problem

Below are some direct quotes and the sources.  If you have a problem with understanding the information written in simple fashion, then perhaps you are a member of the Simple family of the world.
Dr. James P. Wickstrom

Skip Baker

Esau-Edom is modern Jewry.” 1925 Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 5 page 41. (Edomites are demon seed Canaanites from Idumea). NOT of Israel (the man once called Jacob) or Judah (son of Israel the man).  
Jews were NEVER SLAVES in Egypt with Moses:

“Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a “Jew” or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or Hebrew.” Jewish Almanac 1980, p. 3. 

“Some call it Communism, I call it Judaism.”
Rabbi Stephen Weiss.
“Anti-Communism IS Anti-Semitism.”
 Jewish Voice, July - August 1941.

The Jew and Black Communist Movement in the U.S.

The DVD has been divided into 6 parts of approximately 16 minutes each. These are .mp4's and are full quality videos that are suitable for building new DVD's.

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The Black and Jew Communist Movement in the U.S.