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14 April 2003

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Anti-Govt Forces ‘Circle 1000s Of Kiev Troops, Capture 2 Tank Battalions’ In E.Ukraine

Apparently the Marxist Jew controlled Kiev government in Ukraine has been bellowing out a lot of false propaganda relating to their great "success" against the Orthodox Christian Pro-Resistance fighters in Eastern Ukraine.  New figures and battle defeats are starting to finally surface about the real truth that is taking place in Eastern Ukraine.  The news from the Kiev government is much like the lying Jew national controlled news in Washington, D.C..  One Jew lies and another Jew swears to it.  The Kiev government is almost financially totally broke, due to the looting of government programs, and the Kiev military is even in need of even food and water.  Thousands of the Kiev military are surrendering themselves and their equipment to the Pro-Resistance fighters and actually joining their forces against the very corrupt Jew controlled government in Kiev.
Dr. James P. Wicktrom

RT News

Anti-govt forces ‘circle 1000s of Kiev troops, capture 2 tank battalions’ in E.Ukraine

Published time: August 24, 2014

A tank with a flag of Novorossia (union of Donetsk people's republic and Lugansk people's republic) drives in central Donetsk late on August 23, 2014. (AFP Photo / Max Vetrov)
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After sustained defensive combat against Ukrainian troops in the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk during August, rebels are now reporting of entrapping two large groups of Kiev troops and seizing military hardware in a counteroffensive.

The main headquarters of the DPR army has made a decision to stop operations in small groups and form full-bodied independent military units, the anti-Kiev forces say in a summary of their operations filed on Sunday.

They also say they are blocking a large “punitive force” near Alekseevskoe, Blagodatnoe, Voykovsky, Kuteinikovo, Ulyanovskoe and Uspenka.

Some 5,000 Kiev troops “with military hardware” including some 50 tanks, over 200 armored vehicles and 50 artillery rocket systems (including Grad) are trapped in the area, the DPR claims.

DNR’s army has surrounded the staff headquarters of the 8th army corps, 28th and 30th mechanized brigades, 95th air mobile brigade of the army of Ukraine, and also punitive battalions ‘Aidar’, ‘Donbass’ and ‘Shakhtersk’,” the document claims.

Reuters / Maxim Shemetov
Reuters / Maxim Shemetov

2,000 more Kiev troops, armed with 30 tanks, over 80 armored vehicles and more than 60 artillery pieces and mortars, have been engaged and are currently being eliminated near Olenovskoye, the anti-Kiev forces said.

Over the last two days, the self-defense forces say they have captured a lot of military hardware. This has reportedly helped them get 2 tank battalions, 3 multiple launcher rocket system batteries, 2 self-propelled howitzer batteries, 3 cannon battalions of various calibers and 8 mortar batteries.

All the new subunits have joined the newly formed fighting force, the rebels said.

Three infantry brigades will be organized from the existing detachments of self-defense militia, the document reads. A new volunteer regiment has also been formed consisting of miners from the Donbass region and soldiers and officers from the Ukrainian army, who have opted to side with the People’s Republic of Donetsk.

Moreover, the DNR army says it has destroyed four ‘Smerch’ multiple rocket launch systems, 12 ‘Grad’ multiple rocket launch systems, 17 tanks, 30 armored vehicles, 50 supply trucks, and killed over 150 enemy personnel.

We have captured 7 military supply depots with large quantities of armaments, munitions, aids and appliances, food rations and property of the citizens expropriated by the National Guards during mopping-up operations, including all-terrain vehicles. From now on we intend to utterly annihilate enemy forces trapped near Olenovskoe and the communities of Kuteinikovo-Blagodatnoye-Uspenskoye,” HQ said.

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