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14 April 2003

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Illegal Immigration Bio-Warfare Against & Inside America By Obama

Unless you start to wrap your brain around the information you read below, you will not fully understand the DANGER that is at the Southwestern border of the U.S..  Marxist Communist Comrade Obama and his sleezy comrades of the Communist Democratic Party of the United States are allowing a massive fifth column invasion into America at this time, and Obama also wants YOU the American taxpayers to pay for it.  The guise this time, is using illegal alien criminal children and adults, many diseased, as cannon fodder to satisfy the sick and warped thinking of the Jewess Pelosi and other Democrat dirt bags in the U.S. Senate and Congress who want to implode America socially and financially from within.
Dr. James P. Wickstrom

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Illegal Immigration Bio-Warfare

By: Douglas V. Gibbs

Over the weekend I spent time at two protest rallies over the illegal immigration issue, but my reasoning as an opponent against the influx of illegal aliens into our country is not just because I believe that it is dangerous to our sovereignty as a nation to allow our border to be wide open.  I am also concerned because of the health of our communities, and the safety of those that believe they are coming to the promised land (or to the United States as an invader).
A month ago my granddaughter was diagnosed with hand and foot disease.  There is no specific treatment for the disease, so the little three year old just had to suffer through the four day viral infection that is normally not a problem in our American Society.  The doctor, when my son took his daughter into a local urgent care, said that he was surprised, not only of the appearance of the disease in Murrieta, California, but that the increase of cases had been sizable over the last few months.  He did not know what the cause was.

I knew exactly what the cause was when my son relayed his conversation with the doctor to me.
In Murrieta, over the last few months, over 500 illegal aliens a week are being released into the general population, many of these people are children, without a medical screening.  Last weekend that number changed to 200 every 72 hours.  They are being shipped in from other areas around the country to our holding facility, where they do not have the room to house these people, much less give them a proper processing above checking to see if these invaders are known criminals.

Murrieta Border Patrol agents are testing positive for Tuberculosis.  Hand and Foot Disease, and Chagos, both previously eradicated from the area, are on the rise
We are being hit by sickness, and we are told that as we are exposed to these infectious diseases, if we reject allowing these diseased people into our population, we are nothing more than a bunch of racists.
Other diseases to emerge, especially among Border Patrol agents, is H1N1 (“swine”) flu, and chicken pox. It is anticipated that also coming are diseases like dengue and Ebola virus, when one considers these incoming illegal aliens are from Central and South America, the Middle East and West Africa.

Rather than ensure the illegal immigrants are properly cared for, and the receiving population is protected from these diseases, the Obama administration is shipping these people in like cattle, leaving them on the side of the road, for a political agenda.  It is considered inhumane to drop a dog off on the side of the street, and take off, but the federal government has no problem doing that to human beings.  The safety and welfare of the illegal immigrants, or the receiving population, is not the Obama administration's concern.  Only using these people as political pawns is important to them.

According to a conversation I had with a local agent, the local facility is not capable of handling the numbers they are receiving.  They have no beds for these people, nor the ability to allow them to bath, or be fed.  It takes 72 hours to process them, and then they are released into the population, alone, diseased, and homeless.

Federally, among the illegal aliens coming into this country, is about 65,000 unaccompanied minors.  While I believe the flood of incoming illegal immigrants is orchestrated, I also see it as child abuse by the federal government against these poor children that are sick, alone, and frightened.

These people are being specifically shipped into conservative areas in California, Texas, Arizona, and Oklahoma, a strategy I believe that is designed to change the complexion of the electorate, as well as influencing the ratio between republicans and democrats in the House of Representatives.

The illegals are being shipped in by bus and plane, and in Murrieta are literally being dropped off every few blocks.  Meanwhile, the U.S. Government is refusing to protect Americans from the dangerous diseases we are being exposed to.  They refuse to repatriate these people back to their home countries.  As far as we have been told, there is no system in place identifying, tracking, and overseeing issues around infectious disease outbreaks connected to illegal immigrants.

Biological agents like viruses and bacteria may also be something that Muslim terrorist groups may use to wage war against the American Population.  ISIS, which is currently ripping through the Iraqi landscape, has already stated it is their goal to come into direct confrontation with the United States.  The use of disease agents is not outside the realm of possibility, making securing the border more than just an illegal immigration issue.  Securing the border, as required by Article IV, Section 4 of the United States Constitution, is also a national security issue.

Either, the government does not care, or they are lying to themselves, and us, about the threat.  I think it is a third possibility. . . that this has all been designed to create a crisis, which the democrats will then use as an opportunity to do as they please against us.  Congresswoman Pelosi has already said as much.

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