Black on White crime is escalating at a very past pace all over America and Canada.  If a White attacks a Black, usually everyone wants it to be a 'Hate Crime', but heavens forbid to call any Black attack against a White person a 'Hate Crime'.  That is how stupid and ignorant those in upper political positions of criminal prosecution are in their mindset.  And you wonder why there is such a massive problem of Black on White crime, when the police and prosecuting agencies are so absolutely COLOR BLIND!!
Dr. James P. Wickstrom

Double hate crime mob attack gang rape in Wilmington

30 August, 2013
Photos: Nikko Jenkins & Victim Andrea L. Kruger

This another one of those crimes that the media will call a robbery. A White female was shot four times and killed on her way home from work in Omaha, Nebraska. Her body was found in the middle of the road. Police are looking for a black suspect. Nikko Jenkins, a career criminal who had just been released from prison is being questioned. Police say Jenkins and two females are held on non-related charges and questioned about the murder.