Imagine.  This took place on a busy street in England in front of many witness, as the two Blacks were hacking the head off a British soldier with a meat clever and large knife.  It only stopped after the police arrived 20 MINUTES later and shot both the blacks to death.  You say... NO!  Yup, and it is going to come to the United States also.  Question:  Still want to give up your personal firearms?
Dr. James P. Wickstrom

White British Soldier Beheaded on a main street in London

Coming to Y O U R neighborhood sooner than you think.... Isn't Jew communist diversity and equality just dandy?

Two blacks did it.. whether they are "Islamic".. or "Rappistic" .. does it really matter?  It has always been in one way or the other race against race.

Most of the violent crime in the U.S. is committed by blacks. But don't forget  the emerging La Raza Mexican brown perpetrators against Whites.

Of Course.. England must be worshipful of Multi-Culturalism.. Just like all White Countries, especially the United States.