Remember, THEY outvote you.  THEY vote color, and the stupid White's vote political.  Yet, the Democrats and Republicans eat off the same taxpayer plate.  Here is a good example of the inept "political" system in the United States, and how things like this happen.  Imagine, being told that "someone has to pay for all of this."  Perhaps Marxist Communist Obama should invite her hoard of kids into the White House to live, along with the person who knocked her up 10 times?  Yup, that would solve the problem.  Obama is a big  spender of the taxpayer money, and he and his "wife" are two of the biggest racist's in the United States.
Dr. James P. Wickstrom

When people (?) do not take responsibility for their own actions, this happens.

WARNING: Before you watch this video, wrap your head with duct tape so it won't explode.....