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If I had done this I would have been drawn and quartered and I guaran-damn-tee you would have heard about it on the 'The Today Show'.  Will Brooks be charged with a hate crime in addition to the other charges?
* Update: The arrest came on Saturday, January 19, after Brooks made verbal threats against Speaker Kirkpatrick. Early reports had Brooks actually brandishing a weapon but later reports claimed he had just threatened to get his gun that was in his car.
HuffPo- And you thought Congress was dysfunctional.
A Nevada lawmaker was arrested on Saturday night for threatening to shoot a colleague, KNTV reported.
According to the Las Vegas Sun, State Assemblyman Steven Brooks was arrested with a loaded gun. He had threatened to shoot Speaker-elect Marilyn Kirkpatrick. He was apparently unhappy with his committee assignments.   He spent the night in custody, the Las Vegas-Review Journal reported.

Brooks is a Democratic assemblyman who represents North Las Vegas. He was first elected in 2010.