My lecture that you will hear below exposes the Jew Communist Sovietizing of the United States. Allow yourself to get out of the present Communist Political, and religious box and listen to the truth for once. I'm sure you'll be able to put the pieces together. Please advise others to come and listen to this extremely important information concerning the destruction of our country from within.

Dr. James P. Wickstrom

"The Sovietizing of America"

14 April 2003

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Theater Intelligence & Assessment On America's Planned Internal Destruction

For the many years that I have taught the true history of our once Great Republic, and identified the traitors within this nation, only to be rewarded by being imprisoned twice in doing so, I can now say openly that the communist Christ murdering Jews have set America up for total destruction, both militarily and socially, and it is very near.  Because the masses wanted to believe in Jew movies, lies by the Jew controlled news networks, lies from the Jew controlled "church" pulpits, lies from the treasonous politicians and the stupefying of your children by your present day "educators," I can rightly say.... that now YOU are going to reap what you have sown

After you read the information below, you will then fully understand why Marxist Obama, comrade Hillary, and comrade U.S. Attorney General Holder want your guns. I pray that what you are about to read SCARES THE HELL OUT OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU.  May YAHWEH the Christ NOT HAVE MERCY on the souls of those of you who have done nothing, not even speaking out against the evil in America.
Dr. James P. Wickstrom
Theater Intelligence and Assessment. God & Heaven Is About To Render Judgment On America!

July 18, 2012

Within the past few days, I have received information from a retired General who is in a network of "old school senior military officers" evaluating the known intelligence concerning 'a two front combat theater of operations'. To keep as much information available to an involved cadre of military and law enforcement agents/agencies, this unofficial, undirectedyet highly qualified working group, have arrived at the conclusion point as I will describe it here.

The overall engagement strategy here is to entice the American military into pledging huge naval assets in the gulf region. The 'Straits of Hormuz' is the "choke point" for all things challenging to Iran. It is here that the Iranian Navy and Air Force will have their greatest chance to inflict REAL damage on our (perversion embracing) armed forces. This is a real point of smack down for the Muslims to bring utter destruction on the American military, the American armed forces, and the American people (infidel society).

The Russians and Chinese DO NOT have the immediate design or permission from the Luciferians (World Jewry) to openly face the Americans,
however; they will be in the command and control loop that manages the combat theater, once operations begin. This entire scheme is part of a feint to also run interference at Diego Garcia, the staging area for material' and air support. Russian, Chinese and North Korean subs are stationed there with surface ship support.
It is clear that events are moving toward an engagement of historic proportions and cataclysmic repercussions on a Biblical scale. The Pentagon is operating on bluster and ineptitude on a staggering scale. Homosexuality has reached the highest levels of the Pentagon as well. The former officers who have seen this coming have disowned many of their complicit former colleagues, while watching in dismay as they move ahead with stupefyingly poor planning surrounding the commitment of at least two and possibly three Naval Carrier Task Force groups now in great harm’s way.

Steve, I add with emphasis
THE FEAR of these former U.S senior military officers who despise the surrender to politically correct forces in the White House and ladder-climbers in the Pentagon who have set up our military for an incredibly disastrous defeat because they recognize God will not allow a "victory" by sodomite Generals on the field of battle. Their view and mine.

The "second" front is America itself. Combat troops from Russia and 14 nations, air assets, armor and artillery, fighter suppression through anti-aircraft batteries on movable platforms that can respond to changing air response grids as well as logistics, hardened communications and transportation hubs, compliment a training contingent that has masqueraded as "friendly forces." The use of some type of advanced accelerate in the massive western fires defies understanding or previous experience by firefighters in that region. "Almost nuclear" in its ability to spread fire and not be quenched by normal fire suppression methods suggests, but cannot yet be confirmed by scientific testing in labs, that intentional human complicity in the fires is virtually certain.

Specific battle plans in war call for the destruction of natural and man-made infrastructure by fire, specifically calling for great monetary, human and technological assets to be used fighting the fires as both a distraction and a planned reduction of the area involved to produce or exist on a "normal" basis.

The potential for "weather wars" or space based atmospheric intervention resulting in a one-two-three punch for the continental U.S. destroying crops, livestock and soil viability, while demoralizing and stressing the electorate remains to "seal the deal" for the take over strategy of America underway since 2001.

Add to all of this the ongoing destruction of the US currency, the pending imposition of the UN Arms Treaty, the 50% per year for five years additional/compounded levels of door to door urban warfare training by US police and military,
the published records of firearms suppression training by all levels of police agencies in America, the acquisition of tactical equipment and automatic weapons issuance to street police is unprecedented and overwhelming in its scope and reach.

The implication is that these forces are anticipating widespread resistance and engagement with the American citizenry at a point to be determined after the "trip wire" events occur
that will "justify" the intervention of such heavily equipped domestic police and military guard units and foreign troops
I believe that these brave and dedicated retired (Military General) experts are doing what they can. They caution that our current Republic is dead. The American people have bought into the lies of the government, the courts, the banks, and the president. They want comforts, government checks, and "hope for more change." Well, let me assure you, the class of "stupid unto death" crowd will get their heart's desire soon enough.

No other conclusion can be drawn. The main event is mere weeks away.
Civilian networks are being established to counteract some of this, but one can clearly see that a hugely unprepared, untrained, rudderless society will absorb incredible casualties before even a modest response can be mustered. I have never been more certain that this great "final" plan for the utter destruction of the American nation is poised for implementation as the world's elite serving the Prince of Darkness begins its countdown. God help us to reach more and more for their sake through His mercy.

Steve, these are my descriptions as accurately as I could reproduce them. I apologize that they are a bit "general." but I was receiving it fast in real time and trying to "decode it" figuratively to reproduce it in a way that made some kind of sense to the reader or listener.
This is the latest. It may flex a bit before the balloon flies, but we must try to reach people for their soul's sake and for those still trying to plan how to live through this.

We have not taken into account the issues in space, the instability of the sun, and the plotting of "satellite' debris orbiting and potentially targeting earth.  Now is the time to complete preparations and system's procurement for home use during this time of utter devastation, but mostly it is a spiritual time of great clarity as events not seen since "the days of Noah" envelope us all.

Thanks, my brother for all that you do. God bless you and continue to use you. Best regards.


The Jew and Black Communist Movement in the U.S.

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