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14 April 2003

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Anti-Humanism in Hungary , Extra : 2011-07-23. 15:06

Again, skew the national media: non-right-wing, but Zionists, Freemasons, Israel-friendly bomber was on the Oslo
Anders Breivik Kills Behring announced several national newspaper titles, the Oslo-man attacks, the perpetrators, "far right" who professes himself a Christian and conservative. Just to strain ourselves to realize that the "Nazi threat" bogeyman home tried to revive this way, but ráfaragtak.

We offer English-speaking readers, and we look forward to the Hungarian translation of the article:

Update # 2:
Many readers see a relationship between Norway and Palestine in support of the current official policy of assassination. The picture below is Utoya camp is held on the island, one day before the shooting. Very weird, it would be a "Nazi" to shoot, who proclaimed boycotts against Israel. The killer's Facebook profile, which blocked the cheek book is still available HERE ! (Thanks for the info kommentelőnknek true!)

Screenshot Utoya the island at camp
One day before the shooting

Update # 1:
The Norwegian police reported that a 32-year police said the attacker is a member of Masonic Lodge, Muslim, extreme right-wing views. Supposedly it was a political motive for the attack sequence. He has operated in downtown Oslo, the government district is exploding bomb. Question is as much a "Masonic" indicator remains why the majority of national coverage, and why the place is the "Norwegian radical" or "far right" concept? Was a rhetorical question ...
(Tv news print)

Previously, we wrote:
The Norwegian bomber at one of those fundamentalist Christians who strongly support Israel's policy, such as bagázshoz belonged. the former U.S. president, George Bush Jr. as well. The bomber, Anders Breivik Behring Fjordman's blog regularly been criticized Islam and hailed Israel. Later joined as a journalist Fjordman Gates of Vienna and Jihad Watch , called portals, which are radically anti-Islamic views in addition to their support of Israel is famous for írásaikról.

Intuitive views: a detailed blog is edited by bomber

Below is a photo image of a former assassin, as a Freemason in uniform posing for the camera.
Anders Breivik Behring between heroes and we find even Winston Churchill's war criminals, and the Second World War, "anti-Nazi" in the historic struggle of Max Manus is acquired. Che Guevara is only missing ...

The Jew and Black Communist Movement in the U.S.

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