My lecture that you will hear below exposes the Jew Communist Sovietizing of the United States. Allow yourself to get out of the present Communist Political, and religious box and listen to the truth for once. I'm sure you'll be able to put the pieces together. Please advise others to come and listen to this extremely important information concerning the destruction of our country from within.

Dr. James P. Wickstrom

"The Sovietizing of America"

14 April 2003

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More Prophesy Coming To Pass Onto A Wicked Ungodly World'

And YAHWEH the Christ stated very clearly for the latter days, that He would make the heavens like brass and the earth as iron... or a massive drought.  In other places they would get more rain with flooding so they could not plant their crops.  The winds, earthquakes, and tornado's are also part of His arsenal of His many weapons against a very evil One World System of darkness that is in every way, totally ungodly.

This evil age, not the end of the world, is totally controlled by the JEWS and their control of their world central banks, which in turn, control the nations they are in by debt.  The FED in the united States is not part of the united States Treasury, but is a private banking corporation, owned by eight international Jew banking families.  Below will give you an idea of not only what is happening now to the earth, but what is continuing to increase by the day against a very wicked world population.  Thank about it!!
Dr. James P. Wickstrom

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Extreme Weather, Food Shortages and Three ETFs to Consider

by Tony Sagami

Tony Sagami
Don’t the weather and natural disasters seem more extreme to you lately? The world has seen what seems like a wave of floods, fires, tornados, earthquakes, tsunamis and droughts.

Tornados: The tornado tragedy in Joplin, Missouri, was heartbreaking, but there have been many more. The average number of tornados over a three-year span in the United States is 1,376.

Americans, however, have suffered through 1,425 tornados over the last 36 months. Heck, April witnessed a record 600 tornados, and meteorologists are calling 2011 “The Year of the Tornado.”

Cities that have been hit this year include some of the usual locations, such as Dallas, Oklahoma City, Minneapolis, and St. Louis. But twisters have also struck unusual places, such as Philadelphia, Raleigh, and even Springfield, Mass.

Floods: It is tragic but not unusual for the Mississippi River to flood, but floods are breaking out all around North America, including parts of Utah, Montreal, Nebraska, North Dakota, Manitoba and Montana.

How bad is the flooding this year? The Federal Emergency Management Agency typically collects more than $3 billion in premiums annually but expects to end this year in the red.

This may surprise you, but even Pakistan is suffering from unprecedented flooding this year.

Last year wasn’t any better. Remember the huge flooding in Australia, and Pakistan got an unprecedented flood.

Wildfires: Summer hasn’t even arrived, but wildfires are already popping up all around the country. Firefighters in eastern and southeastern Arizona are battling two huge wildfires that have charred almost 200 square miles of brush and tinder. Texas, Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico, and even Alaska are battling smaller but dangerous wildfires.

In northern Alberta, 115 fires whipped by 60 mph winds have set 74,000 acres ablaze.
Last year was no picnic either. Russia was hammered with wildfires last summer that severely reduced the global supply of wheat.

Drought: Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico are being ravaged by droughts. A whopping 50.6% of Texas has been declared to be in drought stage due to a record low spring rainfall. Only 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 inches of rain fell across the state, which makes the March-May spring period the driest on record.

The National Weather Service has classified South Florida as D4 drought stage, or the “exceptional drought” stage.

This is the first time South Florida has been placed in the “exceptional drought” category in the 80 years since the National Weather Service started tracking droughts.

The Amazon is in its second drought in four years. Typically, the Amazon has a once-in-a-century drought.

Droughts are not just a North American problem. China is suffering from one of the worst droughts in its long history.

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