My lecture that you will hear below exposes the Jew Communist Sovietizing of the United States. Allow yourself to get out of the present Communist Political, and religious box and listen to the truth for once. I'm sure you'll be able to put the pieces together. Please advise others to come and listen to this extremely important information concerning the destruction of our country from within.

Dr. James P. Wickstrom

"The Sovietizing of America"

14 April 2003

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Ho-hum, remember a few days ago, I stated that the shooter in Tucson, Arizona was a JEW. Well, here is more information for you to read to confirm what I wrote to you. Instead of listening and watching the JEW national news outlets, you should be coming to this Blog and getting THE REAL TRUTH. Enjoy!!
Dr. James P. Wickstrom

Have you noticed how the Jewish controlled national media downplay facts about who the Arizona killer is? He is a Jew. Did your local radio, TV, or news papers tell you that? Why do they lie??? Are they afraid non-Jews will start asking unwanted questions? Are the Jews afraid non-Jews will start disbelieving in all media lies? And remember, the 'shooters' and killers at the high school in Columbine, Colorado massacre were also JEWS.

We should be thankful to Mr. David Duke for bringing out this news.


Arizona Shooter Jared Loughner is Jewish

by James Buchanan (dated January 10, 2001)

The man who shot 19 people in Arizona, killing six and severely wounding Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, is Jewish according to an interview by a reporter from Mother Jones magazine. The Mother Jones article, (http://motherjones.com/politics/2011/01/jared-lee-loughner-friend-voicemail-phone-message?page=2) notes “about eight hours before he allegedly killed six people and wounded 14, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), in Tucson—Jared Lee Loughner phoned an old and close friend with whom he had gone to high school and college. The friend, Bryce Tierney, was up late watching TV, but he didn’t answer the call. When he later checked his voice mail, he heard a simple message from Loughner: ‘Hey man, it’s Jared. Me and you had good times. Peace out. Later.’ That was it. But later in the day, when Tierney first heard about the Tucson massacre, he had a sickening feeling: ‘They hadn’t released the name, but I said, ‘Holy sh-t, I think it’s Jared that did it.’ ‘ Tierney tells Mother Jones in an exclusive interview that Loughner held a years-long grudge against Giffords and had repeatedly derided her as a ‘fake.’ ….Tierney believes that Loughner was very interested in pushing people’s buttons—and that may have been why he listed Hitler’s Mein Kampf as one of his favorite books on his YouTube page. (Loughner’s mom is Jewish, according to Tierney.)” Loughner also listed the Communist Manifesto as one of his favorite books.

There was a speedy attempt by the left-wing media to portray Loughner as a right-wing lunatic even though other statements by people familiar with Loughner described him as a leftist.

So a mentally ill, left-wing Marxist Jew shoots a Jewish Congresswoman and the mainstream media tries to pin the blame on the Tea Party, on right-wing White Gentiles and on the pro-White movement. This should be a good reminder to everyone to be suspicious of the Jew controlled mainstream national media.

The Jew and Black Communist Movement in the U.S.

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The Black and Jew Communist Movement in the U.S.